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So I posted before about Wagon/ELky Rear Bumper Guards, only to be told they just didn't happen.
I bought a set on Ebay a coupla years ago just before I moved. Only $20 and they arrived just in time to get packed away. After reading up on here, I figured I just plain got snookered.
Diggin' thru some boxes today, yeah it's been 2 yrs in the new house and I'm still unpackin my crap, I come across the NOS box again.
Granted, it has the Chevy label and it does say Wagon Bumper Guards. Someone had written "71,72,73", so I kinda roll my eyes and come real close to tossing it away.
Ah, WTF I sez, lemme see if there really IS a brick in here. I open the box and it appears I have found The Holy Grail. 2 perfect condition guards w/ rubber, template and an instruction sheet dated 4-16-70
Can anyone help me out? I can't post pix, but I'll email to anyone that can.
Chevrolet Approved Accessories
Gr. 7.828 1 #994130
Rear Bumper Guard Unit
Chevrolet Sta. Wagon

theres a UPS tag dated Apr 19, 1972 on the box

Instruction sheet dated 4-16-70
Parkerized bolts(in a lil brown bag)
2 Bumper Guards, perfect condition. Appears they've never been mounted(no rust on threads)


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My accessory book says that part # is for 71-73 passenger wagon. I believe that means full size wagon, not chevelle.
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