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Holley Choke Pull Off Adjustment

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How do you adjust the pull off on a holley electric choke? The vacum pull off is integrated into the electric choke housing but there doesn't seem to be a way to adjust. I have cold running problems untill warm up (because I have to lean the choke adjustment because of the pull off not opening enough).

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I don't know why Holley "hides" this info. It's not even included with the electric choke kits!

You're looking for Page 4, figure 15--and also glance at figure 9, page 3. Figure 9 doesn't exactly apply but shows the relationship of the choke blade/air horn, and how to measure the gap.

You'll need a "special tool"--a paper clip with the end bent at a 90* angle.

Also note that you'll want to align the fast idle linkage so that the fast idle cam drops to the second-highest highest step when the choke pulloff pops the choke blade off.
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