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Holley 600 or 670 carb on a sbc 350

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I have a sbc 350 with high rise intake and a comp cam 292H (I now know that is not the best choice) ,4 speed tranny and 3.73 gears. the engine came with a edelbrok 750. It is mainly a daily driver around town. I think the carb is to big for the application, I think it is running very rich, so i called edelbrock to talk about jetting it down and they said it was to big. I was hoping everybody could help out with this choice. I ran the carburetor size chart on a couple of different programs and everything says to run a 600 to a 650 carb.

I like the Holley 600 for the price, will this work for my car. I have seen an article that the 600 might be to small for the large cam. Please help with some advice.


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