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Hinge help.

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I have a 70 Chevelle, one of the doors, specifically the driver side was from a different Chevelle, maybe even a different car.

Okay the story is the driver side was not aligned properly, the top half did not line up with the 1/4 window. Now i took the doors off so i could restore them and paint them. Both doors are identical, but the spring hinges are of different coding. I just want to make sure before i waste $50 on a new hinge.

code 2661 I or L

code 2660 R

Are these codes for the 70-72 lower hinges? Also what do i need to put the doors back on? there seems to be a hard crayola looking stuff in the screws.
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the old ones don't move except the hinge motion. no up or down. all i need to do is prime and color.
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