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High Torque Starter Recommendation?

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I have a 69 with a 396 from an Impala. The engine is far from stock. Roller cam, and some other stuff. It's pretty stout. I didn't build it, so I don't know what's in there. Anyhow, the starter, which I speculate came with it, is having some trouble turnin' her over. It starts, but it's slow. Worse when it's hot (a GM classic...same prob with a GTO back in '70...).

Anybody have a recommendation for a higher torque starter?
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A word of caution, the GM mini starter is a permanent magnet starter which means it will not function properly with the jumper wire required as in the tech reference for using a ford solenoid. The jumper wire will cause the solenoid to engage for a short time after the switch is released. I don't know why but my local starter shop pointed this out to me.

However, I wrapped mine with a heat shield blanket and have had no problems with one cranking my 10.2/1 454.
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