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hi deck under lo deck

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I have a hi deck motor with rectangular port heads I would like to put in my 72 Chevelle.Any input on what intake(s) will fit under stock hood.My car is a malibu with the stock hood .Do I need to run a cowl hood.I do not want to use one of the aftermarket taller than stock hoods .I would rather sacrifice a little power with a low intake ,than have a butchered hood.If clearance was no issue i'd run a Dart single plane .Don't think it will fit under hood .SB is in car now so measuring doesn't help me . Thank you in advance willie :thumbsup:
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Unless you run a stock or similar to stock like a torker or something mild you should be able to get by with a drop deck factory air cleaner and a stock hood. I run a 454 std deck with a holley strip dominator similar to an air gap with a drop deck factory air cleaner and I had to have a std cowl hood. The top of my breather sits taller than the fenders and the cowl at the windsheild and still fits under the stock cowl hood. I could not use a cowl breather as it interfered with the hood closeing.
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