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Ok, to all the hot rodders out here, here is my confusion.

I have converted my 72 Elky to a full blown race car, all MSD ign. and lots of good stuff. I purchased a 105 ext. reg. alt., for my car and the battery keeps dying @ the most inoppritune times, like 1st round in Maple Grove 2 weeks ago. Almost seems like batt. is not getting charged, poss. reg. on rad core support? It is a newer one but I yanked it off, for obviuos reasons.

My quick fix, I jumped the field to the hot post and it charges now, but with a 105 amp alt. and only a feedback solenoid to control feedback or runon after ign is off is all that is in series between the alt. and batt..

Do I need to run a regulator again in order to not cook my Optima red top battery? I have 1 more race to got in Memphis, Tn., will the battery survive with this much current and amps going to it?, only runs 11:0's so kind of quick for chargeing the batt. but then the return road back to the pits is a concern also. I have twin elect. fans, Moroso elec. drive moter for h2o pump and fuel pump, would all these add ons drain that much power from the batt? Seems to mostly go dead after these components have been on for a few minutes or so, or however long it takes to go from pits to lanes @ the strip.

So, until this season is over, and I can scratch enough for a 1 wire mini alt., will this work out for a 3 day event?
I really need help on this guys, I can't afford to watch my Elky burn to the ground after it just started doing wheelies!!!!!HEEEEEEEELLLPPPPPP. :confused:

Thanks guys.
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Doesn't sound like a good idea to me. I'd guess that without the fans running and the engine operating at max rpm during the run that you could see well over 20V out of that alternator. The other thing I think about is that you'll likely stress the alternator quite badly.

I wouldn't think you could kill a fully charged battery in less than 2 minutes even with all those components running. You should maybe think about a larger battery for more storage.

I don't see a mini 1-wire alternator as a good solution at all. A big 3-wire alternator is what you want. You need something that will produce a lot of current at low rpm's. GM CS-144 maybe.

If you're running underdrive pulleys then check the ratio. Find pulleys that will keep the alternator rpm's under, but close to, about 18000rpm at full engine rpm. This is usually a 1:3 ratio assuming 6000rpm redline. This gets the alternator spinning as fast as possible at idle and low rpm for the most charging.

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