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I remember you telling me about doing cams for some of these kinds of race cars. Did you have a hand in this? What can you tell us about them?

This was taken December 1963, Nassau Speed Week in the Bahamas.

Three Grand Sport coupes were entered by Texan John Mecom, but with substantial "back door" support by Duntov et al. This was the closest the cars ever came to getting the level of support they needed to be competitive.

Supposedly they were 11 seconds per lap faster than the Cobras.

Notes from the photographer:

"I doubt that most residents of Nassau had ever seen anything like this before. I think I took this shot on the pier just after the Corvettes were offloaded from the ship before the race in December 1964. This was the all-aluminum V-8 that powered the Grand Sport cars, each one of them producing at least 500hp. They all had four 58mm Weber DCOE carburetors on cross-ram intake manifolds. At the time, Penske was out of college and was working as a salesman for Alcoa, and he convinced them to cast the blocks for the Grand Sport engines. The rebuilds were handled by Traco Engineering in Culver City, California, the shop run by Jim Travers and Frank ****, which had done a lot of work on Mecom's cars and later did a lot of work for Penske, too. The Nassau hood was an aerodynamic disaster. At any reasonable racing speed, it tries to tear itself off the car."

You can read a bit more about them in this Google Book preview. Kinda neat seeing Carol Shelby examining the car and s****** a brick. Didja do that Harold? :D
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