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Here I thought I would have nothing to do this winter

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Just picked up 3 sets of 906 Vortec heads all crack free from one of my circle track friends. One set is the mexican castings so I will clean them up, fresh 3 angle valve job and cut the spring pockets for bigger springs with more guide to retainer clearance then sell them. 2nd set will get the same treatment like my 10.90 Vortec heads and get sold. The last set will be fully ported and some mods that I have been wanting to try out and if they work like I hope, last years 406 should go 10.60's to 70's. This set will get some 2.05's and 1.6's I love having something to do in retirement.
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Love to hear about the vortec project. Do you have a thread on your porting of those 906's?
I did on another site but not here.
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