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I got a 69 chevelle with 454 in it i got a edelbrock perfomer intake and a 750 cfm edelbrock carb on it and the hei distributor i can only crank out 5,000 rpms is that all a 454 can put out or do i need to change something
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its the autozone one :/ it was like $180 but it will not let me get above 5,000 what do you think the 454 should put out?
its an original motor as far as i know when i got the car the motor didnt run i put this ignition in before i got it running. the problem happens in all of the gears it just cuts out and its very dramaitic
well it was a 396 in it but the guy i bought it from stuck the 454 in it. me and my neighbor put in a painless wiring harness in Im not sure what year the 454 is i got the the numbers off the block if that would help
So if i posted the numbers up here could someone tell me what year it is? and.... I got the car at the interior shop and the motor is pulled so i wont be able to test it for a while but that is the first thing ill do... i got a fluke 88 multimeter so ill check for power at the distributor when i get it all back together.. And i got the regular wiring harness for the 69 chevelle from painless Maybe ill just set up the original iginiton system and see what happens? Thanks Jake
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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