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Help with Vinyl Top Moulding Install - '69

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I'm trying to install the vinyl top mouldings on my '69, but have hit a snag. The V-shaped piece at each quarter window slides on easily enough, except that there is a stud that has to feed into the piece and go through a hole in the quarter panel to snug it down.

When I put the piece on by itself, no problem, but what is the best way to get that stud in place. I tried to first install the stud in the stainless piece, but then I can't get the piece on at all. I then tried putting the stud in the hole, and sliding the stainless along and trying to feed the piece in as I go.

The only thing I succeeded in was gouging my freakin' paint which I now have to get touched up:angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry:

Anyone who has done '68 or '69, please give me some insight. I can't remember how I got my trim on my other '69, as that was 14 years ago. I do remember it wasn't this bloody hard!

I'm also having trouble getting the intermediate pieces that run along the 1/4's to " snap " on. There are 7 clips, and two of them keep giving me a super hard time....fresh out of ideas here as well.

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