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Help with suffix codes?

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I have purchased a 1971 Concours with a smoking (through the tail pipe)
350 Engine.
The casting number on this engine is 3970010 and the numbers stamped on the front is JIM5TJA Question: Is this the Engine that came with the car new? or something else?

Also I have another 350 engine with the same casting number 3970010 but it has 2 numbers stamped in the front (one above the other)
1. V0901TET
This Engine I purchased from a wrecking yard sitting on the ground as a rebuildable 350 with a 4 bolt main.Anyone have any idea what this may have come out of?
Thanks for any help!
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Hi, and welcome to the Chevelle world!
You might take a closer look at the first engine, that stamp doesn;t make sense, except for the TJA part. That would be a truck motor. Please take another look and let us know what you find.
Engine number 2, V- Flint engine, 0901- assembled the first of September,1978
TET- engine code, it is a 350, don't know horsepower at this time.
C-Chevrolet truck
9-1979 model year
Z130932- VIN of the truck it came in.
Make sure that the engines are not rusty on the outside of the block. They were not the best years for blocks, in my opinion. Not much nickel. But that's my .02
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