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Help with suffix codes?

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I have purchased a 1971 Concours with a smoking (through the tail pipe)
350 Engine.
The casting number on this engine is 3970010 and the numbers stamped on the front is JIM5TJA Question: Is this the Engine that came with the car new? or something else?

Also I have another 350 engine with the same casting number 3970010 but it has 2 numbers stamped in the front (one above the other)
1. V0901TET
This Engine I purchased from a wrecking yard sitting on the ground as a rebuildable 350 with a 4 bolt main.Anyone have any idea what this may have come out of?
Thanks for any help!
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First I want to thank you guys for the replys!

I did take another look at the first engine, and cleaned up the pad a little better and the numbers look a little different now (LOL)
Now I see V115TJA
Hope that helps
Thanks again
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