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help with power top switch

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My 68 conv. is missing the power top switch and I'm trying to find a replacement. I picked up one from a 68 cutlass but it seems to be different and doesn't match the existing plug. Any ideas on interchange or a pic would be great. I posted about this in the convertible forum (here) a few days ago but haven't gotten it figured out yet. Thanks in advance,
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68 wagons, Chevelle or full size, with rear power window have a switch that, I believe, will work. This is a pic of a 68 rear window switch (top) along with the mounting bracket. The other switch is an NOS 69 switch along with the mounting bracket and face plate. Although both are rear window switches I believe they will work for the power top. Not all 68 rear window switches are black also not all have the long finger tab. Also there are 4 spring clips, not shown, that hold the switch in the bracket.
As far as I know 68 didn't have a bezel. Someone with a 68 convertible may offer additional information.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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