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help with points swap!

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I've searched the forums for this, but still unsure what year distributors will work for the swap. I have a 70 malibu with a 307. thanks for the help!!!
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remember to regap your spark plugs after you install the HEI. They use a gap like .45 or .50 whereas points use a smaller gap like .35. Probably a good idea to totally change plugs to the type that are recommended for the year of car you get the HEI from. Also, be reminded that a HEI distributor needs a full 12 volts to it, the wire that now goes to your points distibutor is a "resistor wire" and drops voltage to 9 volts to your coil so you dont burn out the points or coil. Search HEI in this forum and in the Engine section for more info on the conversion.
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