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help with 1964 chevelle hard top rear window

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I have a few questions about the rear glass install. First I bought a repro rear window I have had to do a bunch of metal work when I set the glass in the frame I only have 1/4 of metal around the edge for the glue. The center of the glass sits about 1/4 off the frame of the roof and deck filler. I dont know if the car metal is off or the glass.
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This may help, they other videos and info on their site 🤷‍♂️
Watched that video & if you're going with urethane, it's pretty much dead on. The one thing I noticed was they talked about installing the molding clips after the glass. Some cars like my 64 wagon the clips all screw into the windshield channel, so you must install them before the glass. Later cars have clip studs, but a few screw in clips on the the A pillars, again which must be installed before the glass. I personally would always install all of the clips before the glass, way easier, IMO.

Edit, I watched it again & they do say to install the screw in clips before the glass. I would still personally install all of them before the glass, but YMMV.
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