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Help rebuliding stock 350

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My father just gave me his 1971 chevelle mailbu he put a crate 350 in it about 5 years ago and still let it sit. I took out the motor to freshin it up and possibly put some performance parts in it any suggestion what I should do to it before I put it back in. I don't want a drag car nor do I want a car that is really slow. Give me some ideas that I can do on a budget
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What does it have on it already? If it's a crate motor, i imagine it already has some performance parts on it.
could we get a pic?

are you sure its a crate engine and not a fully rebuild original motor? a 2bbl seems a tad weak for a crate.

edit: it actually sounds like a fully rebuild L65 like mine. We need a pic
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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