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Help rebuliding stock 350

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My father just gave me his 1971 chevelle mailbu he put a crate 350 in it about 5 years ago and still let it sit. I took out the motor to freshin it up and possibly put some performance parts in it any suggestion what I should do to it before I put it back in. I don't want a drag car nor do I want a car that is really slow. Give me some ideas that I can do on a budget
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To be honest I don't really know I'm goin to have to do some reserch on that all I do know is it has a 2 barrel carb which I kno I'm goin to change
Ya I believe so ill take one when I get home and put it up

The heads are off the engine tho and the carb was just put on recently by my father he did it because he was driving it a little and wanted to save gas
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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