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Have a 72 malibu

A very very Tough 355 backed by th350 tci Super street Fighter 3800 with 3.73's out back

Ive got Hooker super comps on this thing and as all of you know that starter clearnce is an issue with these headers, I just got the engine in this weekend and the starter is acting up!! its a Reman from GM correct for a 72 with a small block I attribute most of this due to the heat put off by the headers (they are not coated)
and the Dart Iron eagle heads repositioing the header tubes slightly closer to the starter...

My Cure --A mini starter From Summit wich is a two wire hook up..
The question is where do I hook up the wire on the new starter that ran to the outside post of the old starter the one closest to the header tubes. PLZ HELP thanks matt
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