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Help need wheel sizes

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HELP PLEASE with wheel and tire sizes

I have a 69 velle with stock suspension with 15x7 rally wheels. I am wondering what is the largest wheel and tire combination in 15 without rolling the lip or any tire rub. I am putting on 15x 7 or 15x8 on the rear and need backspace information. I am thinking of torque thrust d's or ss rallys. Anyone got any pics of the torgue thrusts?? Need your opinions. Thanks
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Harry - Take a look at the post [ raised letters inside or out ] in this forum. My butternut yellow has the Amer-racing Torq D's vintage 105 series rims Yenko style 15X8.5 with 245-60 tires all four corners love it .Now have to say I have the F-41 suspension which may raise the car a bit from stock
springs hope this helps. Want more pics send me email --tim--
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