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HELP, Need to know if I could have possibly cause Damage 700-R4

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As the title states.

Here is what I did. The car has been running decent but have had an issue where stopping at a light the engine would come down to a low idle would be choppy and have low vacuum. So in order to try and tune some of this out I played around with the idle circuit, a lot adjusting the idle air and the idle RPM using both the front idle adjust screw and the back. all said and done I adjust quite a bit more into the back and quite a bit out of the front.
Not thinking, I didn't readjust the TV cable, and I took the car out for a jaunt for about two miles. The car didn't appear to shift much different, maybe a little light on the shifts as far as feel. I never got into it hard on the drive. After thinking about it I reset the TV cable, full case back and WOT, the continued on the drive. The transmission appears to shift fine, but I want to know if it is possible that I could have hurt it with backing out the idle screw.
The transmission was originally built with lots of good parts and has a Trans-go 2-3 kit in the VB.
Previous testing I did several years back had pressures boosted at idle and all the way through. I would get "factory Pressures" if the TV cable was disconnected.
Experts please let me know this is going to drive me crazy.

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If it still shifts the way it should after pretty much a non issue, we can all take your question and put in the junk file. You didn't get lucky as you did nothing wrong. Now unhook the cable and drive a few miles, you most likely would have killed it as the cable regulates line pressure to the forward drum.
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