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help, need some linkage parts

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Ok gang need some help. 7 or 8 years ago I started building a 70 for the wife. Fast forward to 08, my wife died suddenly and I lost my job of 11 years all within a 5 week period. As a result I pushed the project into a corner and there it sat until last summer when I landed a great new job making almost what I had been in 08 so I decided to not only update my 72 but to get back on the 70 as much as a tribute to my wife as a desire to either finish it or get rid of it. Well the great new job lasted all of 6 months before the place closed its doors. I was fortunate enough to return to work, although for 2/3s the money and benefits, and decided to get back on both projects. Now after sharing that long sob story here is my problem. I installed the engine and a rebuilt powerglide in the 70 last week and despite the efforts I took in 06 and 7 to bag and or mark the parts when I took the 70 apart I have misplaced/lost/given away or throw-out the column shift linkage for the 70. I have the rod from the column down to the pivot rod and the bracket that bolts to the frame. What I need is the cross pivot rod and all the associated hardware for it as well as the kick down rod and so-forth. I can buy the Lokar cable conversion kit if I can’t locate the parts but if I can find the parts at a reasonable price I’d rather go that route.

The car isn’t,/won’t be stock, but I’m going for the sleeper resto rod genera. If anyone has these parts email me at [email protected]. As always, thanks guys
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Also sorry about the troubles, may your wife rest in peace.

Still can't post parts wanted stuff. try the classifieds, more traffic there anyway.
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