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Below is the current configuration that I want to put a price tag on (I already have my ideas but looking for a little feedback). I came across a really good deal on a larger motor so that’s the only reason I am willing to part with this motor. This is not an ad to sell so please don’t inquire using this forum.

427 (.060 over making it a 439 ci) studded two bolt main Mark IV
Steel crank 3.76
I-beam Rods 7/16 bolts (rated to 700+ HP)
SRP Forged Pistons (10.1 w/ current heads 118cc chambers)
Large Ovals w/ 2.19 int. 1.88 exh. Valves (Stainless steel back cut as well) nice heads
Comp Cams XS274 solid cam (Pulls real hard but you could probably go a little bigger with the right gears.)
Aluminum Roller Rockers.
RPM Air Gap intake
Aluminum valve covers
Demon 750 (manual secondaries)
Moroso 7 qt oil pan

The motor is turn key minus pulleys, water pump and distributor with about 1200 cruising miles on it. This is a really nice motor and the only reason I am willing to part with it is because I have been presented with another motor that is much larger for cheap. Again I am only looking for what you guys would ask for if you were in my shoes. Thanks in advance for you input!

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I just picked up a 454 +.060 with the following for $3k.

454 4 Bolt Main + .060
10.5:1 CR
.595/.615 lift solid roller
World/Merlin Cast Iron Heads (2.25/1.88 valves) Oval Port
Block and Heads coated in the stuff that helps oil flow (forget name)
Aluminum Roller Rockers
Steel Crank
Forged pistons
Heads studded
Dart High Rise single plane intake
Holley 850 DP mech secondaries
8 qt. Moroso Oil Pan
Weiand aluminum water pump
Dart II Valve Covers

Less then 300 miles and 3 passes. Ran 12.30's in a 4800 lbs Caprice. IMO, it was cheap (especailly after driving it for the first time). But, the guy had a new motor built and needed space.

I would say between $3K and $4K wouldn't be too bad.

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