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Help... I haven't even looked at the problem, but I don't have the 67 manuals for my Elcamino. I went out to start the car yesterday morning and I didn't have any dash lights. No problem, I had a flashlight. Last night, I found out I don't have brake lights or running lights. I'm thinking fuse, but I haven't crawled under the dash. I already bought some, so that will be the first thing I try. Hazards work, turn signals work, but none of the above.

Big snowstorm coming tonight, so I want to throw everything at it right when I get off work. Any Ideas other than fuse? Are the above items on the same circuit. I would have thought turn signals and running lights would be the same. Headlights work fine and the brithts indicator on the dash is good too.

This problem is on my 67 Elky.

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No, brakes are on one circuit while running and dash share another circuit. Both of these circuits are from the left side of the fuse block. The left side is the "always hot" or BATT side of the block. The right side fuses, such as signals, are off the right side or switched (IGN) items.
Since both the running and dash lamps are out, I'd check the fuse first. Suspect more a fuse problem than a lamp problem. Same with the brakes, also a fuse problem. Check the lower fuses on the left side of the block. Guessing the fuse clips are corroded and the damp weather has affected them. You should have 12 volts to ground on both fuse clips. If not, clean them up and replace the fuse.
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