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help figuring out problem

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I built a little 327 for my 65 vette. Forged SJ crank, scat I beam rods, 11-1 TRW pistons, probe 1.6 shaft rockers, lunati solid flat tappet cam. 292 heads with 2.05/ 1.6 valves. I degreed everything, checked P/V clearance etc.... Ran the engine about an hour on my test stand. everything fine. I put a couple hundred easy miles on it yesterday. today I dropped the hammer a couple times, shifting at 6800 RPM etc. i pulled of the highway and the idle wasn't right. drove a mile and realized the engine was getting hot. popped the hood and i had thrown the belt. easy fix but now The passenger side pipe has a flat pop, like I have a dead cylinder or something. pulled the plugs and the all look the same. whats my next diagnostic step.
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I would start by making sure it is a dead cylinder (not just a header leak or something)...start it cold and as soon as it fires up check the header pipes to see if they are or are not heating up equally (Lick your finger and 'smear' the pipe it should be dry).Then I would hang a timing light on that wire to see if it is sparking when it is running.Then I would re-adjust the valves (checking for a smeared off lobe,or possibly a bent/stuck valve).:confused:
I hope you find the problem...I hope it's an easy fix.
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