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help figuring out problem

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I built a little 327 for my 65 vette. Forged SJ crank, scat I beam rods, 11-1 TRW pistons, probe 1.6 shaft rockers, lunati solid flat tappet cam. 292 heads with 2.05/ 1.6 valves. I degreed everything, checked P/V clearance etc.... Ran the engine about an hour on my test stand. everything fine. I put a couple hundred easy miles on it yesterday. today I dropped the hammer a couple times, shifting at 6800 RPM etc. i pulled of the highway and the idle wasn't right. drove a mile and realized the engine was getting hot. popped the hood and i had thrown the belt. easy fix but now The passenger side pipe has a flat pop, like I have a dead cylinder or something. pulled the plugs and the all look the same. whats my next diagnostic step.
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well compression is all the same across the bank. 180 # within a # or 2. I did find that a wire had come off the alternator but i don't see how that would account for the sound. I will pull the valve covers and take a look in the AM. wires looked good.
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