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Help decoding exhaust manifolds, thank you...

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Wanted to know about what year these might be from and what the
date code says about them if possible...

front: GM 3834947 LH
with a number 2 below it

back: 2
and F23

other side...

front: GM 3840912 RH
with a number 2 below it

back: F8 I think, the # is hard to read
and a 2 below it.

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These are supposed to be original for '64 Malibu 283ci. That's why I am curious about the
date codes as to when they were made.

Here's a couple pics..

It's really hard to see, but I think that's an '8' after the F.

Do these numbers mean anything?
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1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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