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Help decoding a rear

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Hi , Can someone help me with this rear code. I was told it was out of a 67 chevelle. Someone told me they think it is a 68-69 chevelle. I found the one that shows the ratio ( CI1219B ) Thanks in advance.

numbers CI 1219B

NF 3917124

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Thanks for the quick replys. I was told it came out of a 67 chevelle. Heres my problem. I have it on ebay now and have it listed as a 67 rear . Will it work in a 67 chevelle or is it limited to a 69 ?
Thanks so much for the help. I'm amazed at how much info you guys on here have . Saves a lot of time & trouble for us rookies. LOL !
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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