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Ok I need some advice from the guys who have been there and done that. What I'm facing here is that I recently took out my ac\heater controls in the dash and long sweep speedo and put in my own pieces of aluminium. Of which house my new guages. (I already had a tach hooked up) Well I need to run the lights for the new guages and would like to hook them up with the headlight dimmer switch (you turn the know they go dim and vice a versa)
I took my tester light and stuck it in one of the light sockets and it sparked and since then my guage lights on the interior (the old ones) no longer light up, none of them what do you'll think it could be??
Or rather I could also just find the wire on the headlight switch that goes to the interior lights to dim them and just tie into it. By the way this is for a 71' El Camino (non SS). Hope you'll can help. thanks
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