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Hey to all. I've been a "lurker" on the site reading and trying to enhance my limited knowledge of Chevelles. Now for the story of my Chevelles last 10 years and where it is today. I acquired my chevelle at the ripe age of 17 (1998) and the previous owner (friend of my brother) had attempted to make a drag strip car. My vision was to first get rid of the poor quality fiberglass front end and get it painted for a nice daily driver. After going away to college and working my tail off in the summer I finally was able to get it painted in the Spring of 2002. ( see first pic taken approx October 2002)

Then the fateful day of January 14, 2003. I was at Mill Ave & University Dr. Tempe AZ and a honda driver blew a red light going approximately 55 mph (estimated by officer on report) and hit me square on the passenger wheel/frame of my chevelle. I was ok as I got out of the car and wasn't sure if I should cry or kick the guys butt. I needed some time to sulk, so I walked the 3 miles home from the accident. Of course the person that hit me did not have insurance, so my insurance had to cover the bill. My insurance gave me a lowball offer, so I then trailered it back to my parents house San Mateo, CA (approx July 2003). (see pic #2) Then I hired an independent appraiser who valued the car significantly higher and the insurance cut me a check.

The car was in decent shape frim the firewall back, just the front of the frame was pushed over a few feet. I couldn't let it go, so bought back the wreck and $300 later had a '68 Buick GS frame from the junkyard. I worked on it over the next few years when I visited my parents for holidays (rebuilt engine, trans, bushings).

Finally last weekend I got the car on a trailer and hauled in back to my place here and am eager to get the car back in a reliable, driveable condition so I can work on it and still drive it. So now that I have my car here I decided I'd become a member. Thanks to all who have posted as I have learned volumes already. I hope to meet some of the local TC members in the phoenix area.


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Nice looking car and I commend you for holding on to it all these years.

Even though I am in the Tucson area I get to the Valley of the Heat" quite often. I have a son in El mirage and parents in Mesa.
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