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Hello. This site looks like a good resource, going through the posts - nice job to all of you that made this info exchange possible!

I recently was moved from New Jersey to Georgia. Our El Camino came with us, naturally. It's a 1986 305 ci. Last week I had to idle it in the garage. The passenger side header cracked. Looking into OEM parts wasn't too successful. The casting number on the drivers side manifold was GM1400740 0LHK9. The passenger side manifold was shielded so I couldn't get this number. I think its time to go outside OEM, and hopefully increase efficiency and performance a bit along the way. Not familiar with major upgrades on motors - like you all are - would anyone recommend a header and pipe exhast system that will give it some slight performance improvement? I pulled header information off the net, and the choices are a lot - manifolds by Flow Tech, Hooker, Hedman, Percey's, etc; exhaust systems by these as well as others. I believe the OEM manifold size (as best as I can tell) is 1.5" throat and 2.5" bottom. If I Replace the entire exhaust system I have more options, I imagine - for example 1 5/8" and 3". Possibly even a duel exhaust - a better (?) option. What the net search can't give is the experience you all have to offer in this type of upgrade. The motor is very good, but plans are to pull it and give the EC a major facelift on the outside - in a year or so. So, upgrades now would need to fit with a replacement 305 (with the gas situation, I'm avoiding the 350 ci). I believe that would likely be the case. Any help?

Thanks, Scott
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