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Hi My real name is Terry my log in is Fugitivebuster the reason for this is I was a police officer in Modesto Ca. From the age of 19 which was in 1975 on my 21st birthday I graduated from the police academy at the age of 21and one of the youngest Sergeants in Ca. Back in those days you didn't make much money as a cop so I took another job on the side selling Insurance for a major insurance company which I know everyone has heard of (AAA) I worked as a cop and sales until 1993 when (AAA) let me go because in 1987 while I was driving my company car from AAA I was hit head on both cars doing about 70mph by a drunk driver his blood alcohol was 4.0.This happened on March Lane in Stockton Ca. on Feb 2nd 1987 at the time all that happened to me was a shattered left foot which I had surgery on and was fixed. When I was able to return to work about 2weeks after the accident found out the guy who hit me was uninsured and had fled back to Vietnam.
After that I lost everything wife kids house lived in my car for 6months at a truck stop in Redding Ca. Then in 1995 I got out of bed and broke a hip in 2weeks I had 2 artificial hips and was on SSA disability. Now its even worse hips dislocate all the time no one can fix them after 7 tries. Now no money no car or a car I bought that I got screwed on. :confused:
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