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Well hello all, My name is Ryan.

I own a 70 El Camino and its my first car it also happens to be my favorite. Ive owned it for 3 years now. Ive done so much to it over just those 3yrs. When I bought it it was ugly brown with rusted interior shot suspension and at the time I thought a run down old engine.

I have rebuilt (and I mean me with my own to hands) everything (minus trany) on the car suspension, trany, interior, new wire harness, steering, body work, paint and a good amount of the engine.

The most suprising thing about this car is the engine. . . The guy I bought it from had no idea what he really had. He said it was a 350 nothing special. A year after I bought it I did a cam job tore the engine completly apart and found it was a 383 stroker. 4 bolt main forged crank KB pistons around 10:1CR. It all made sense why the engine pulled so hard because Ive never seen a 350 pull that hard.

So then I fried the tranny due to the engine being to powerfull. I had the trany shop build a TH350 for me (Im scared of working on tranys lol) I asked for the whole nine yards high pressure no lag in shifts. They gave me one heck of a trany I must say very firm shifts.

Now my weak 8.2 10 bolt is dead so I bought a 12 bolt from a 67 Chevelle and building that up. But Im not sure with what parts just yet. Ill ask for help on that later.

I also rewired the entire car and upgraded to LEDs inside and out. Tossed in bucket seats indoor out door carpet (not going for looks lol).

I also tought myself how to do body work and how to paint. I shaved the door handles and molded the bed trim to the body. I painted the car HotRod black with a satin finish and dark gray hood strips.

Here are pics of body and engine. . .

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