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I'm just finishing hooking up the new engine in my 69 Chevelle. I'm installing an HEI and have an issue. I thought that if I ran a new power wire off the fuse block that I would be in business. Turns out the engine will only run the second I take my fingers off the switch (and it goes from the start position to the run position)

It makes sense now - I realized my aftermarket radio looses juice while the key is in the 'start' position as well...

So whats the fix? Is the ignition switch not supposed to cut power to the fuse block when its in the start position? It makes sense that it would, to apply full power to the starter... So how are the rest of you guys applying power to the HEI? I considered hooking up the circuit that feeds the points full current when the start is engaged but I've read several places to tape that circuit off and don't use it!

Thanks for your help!

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Sounds like the fix is to connect to a circuit that is hot when the ignition switch is in the RUN position AND in the start position.
OR you could connect the yellow bypass wire that was originally connected to the + side of the old coil to the BAT terminal of the HEI along with the wire that you have on it now.

BUT then it would probably run when the key is in the ACC position.

In the ACC position, power is turned off during starter cranking.

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First if you are ever going back to points remove the pink resistance wire and carefully store.:yes: Start by unwrapping the engine harness. You can access the spade 56 series terminal by taking apart the bulkhead and lightly squeezing the terminal gently at the same time pulling on the pink wire. Next insert the new hei harness end in its spot and tape up. Year one part number L00510. Worked great for mine and took me an hour. May take you longer.:thumbsup:
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