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HEI experts, please HELP

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HEI experts, please HELP "UPDATE" 4/14/07

My brother has a 84 Chevy PU with a 350. Last year while changing out his intake (We installed my Performer so I could use his Performer RPM which was mismatched for his engine). We found the HEI dist was wasted, the weights and pins were worn through. We installed a AutoZone rebuilt unit. Since then every 4 months it burns up the ignition coil. What would cause this? Thanks in advance for any help. BTW the previous owner was a jerk, this poor truck has been hacked up in every way possible. Why he ever bought this POS, I have no idea. It used to have dual tanks, it's cut out. It has a th350, it used to have a 700R, it needs the low 1st with the 4WD. the list is endless.