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I have used these headers on a couple other vehicles, and have been very happy with them, so I bought them for the Chevelle. I am in the process of mocking up my whole new system which includes the Pypes SGA20 exhaust system, and when I put the RH header on I was thrilled with how easy it went in and how well it fit. Sadly, the thrill did not make it over to the left side. The left header is probably the WORST fitting small block header I have ever used in my entire life! I have been able to install and remove my old junk Blackjacks by doing nothing more than removing the spark plugs and they cleared everything by a mile. With the new Hedman, I had the Z-bar out, the oil filter off, the bolts out of the proportioning valve and finally had to the the steering shaft off the gear to get the header in, and now that it's in, there isn't 1/8" clearance with the rear lower control arm mount, they almost hit the petcock I have in in the bottom of the block, and it is so close to the brake line going across the crossmember that I feel I will have to relocate it, along with the wiring that I have had down there for 25 years without issue. I simply cannot believe that a company like Hedman would put such a poorly engineered piece out on the market. When a $89 set of headers fit better than a $500 set, SOMEBODY should lose their job.......:mad: OK, I'll climb off my soapbox now.....
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