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heater switch

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wow am I stupid or what. We started wiring the dash this morning and when it came to the heater control assembly I see no fan switch?? I have three bar slides, two cables go to the right and one cable goes to the left. Why is there not a fan speed switch? I do not even see an opening for one on the assembly/
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I have a non ac 66, and the three speed fan switch is on the lower left end (driver side)of the heater control. It is operated by the top slide level, the "air" lever, via a linkage. It is held in by two small screws from the bottom of the die cast control chassis.

I just installed a new fan switch after redoing the levers a year ago.

The switch is operated by a lever with a slot, and a pin on the lower portion of the control linkage/lever moves it when in the far right position on the slide lever. Amazes me that it ever worked when new.

It took some custom fitting to get the switch and lever to operate properly. Ground Up and Ausleys sell the switch.
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