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Heater hose shut off valve

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Had A/C, but pulled it and installed an A/C delete box. I want the heater for when it gets colder, but now, after about 10 minutes of running the car, i'm sweating buckets and thats no lie. It's bad :(

I take it i can't use the original valve because it's vacuum to the A/C...right...? lol. What do i need?

I'd like to do something about it soon because it's seein it's first car show ever next Friday and it's a fairly long drive up there :sad:
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What I used on my 70 driver is a a valve from Lowes. It has the correct size ends for your heater hose, Slide the hose on then & clamp. The shut-off part is about an inch and a half long ,,, about three eights wide.
Its a 1/4 turn ball valve. I mounted mine close to the firewall, It is not big-time visible. The A/C is not working so hard now.
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