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Heater Hose Question - SB With Short Water Pump

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Guys, I'm swapping a 350 into my 64 C10 pickup. I have a short water pump, and all of the associated brackets and pulleys are installed. The only problem I have is with the heater hoses. The truck has two hoses, one 3/4" and one 5/8". The 5/8" hose I have connected to a fitting on the intake manifold, no problem. The 3/4" hose, however, is supposed to go to the water pump as far as I know. The only fitting I can find with a nipple big enough for a 3/4" hose won't screw into the water pump. The threads are right, but the threaded hole in the pump is so close to the casting of the pump that you can only screw in about two threads before the hex portion of the fitting bottoms out against the pump casting. Is there some special sort of fitting required for a short water pump? I feel like I must be missing something.
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Georgia69 said:
Hmmm...maybe there is a special fitting for short water pumps that has pipe threads, then a couple of inches of pipe, then the hex head, so it would be spaced out from the pump.
The original piece had the pipe thread, 2 or 3 inches of straight pipe, then the nipple.

Maybe just put the hose on a 3" hardware store pipe?

On the subject of short water pump brackets, if you have accessory holes in the front of your heads, the alternator bracket for a late 70's thru-82 vette works GREAT! There are 2, one cast iron, one alluminum, the alluminum one will take a polish pretty well. They can be found at, or if you can dig up the part # gmpartsdirect has em for half as much.
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