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im in the process of re doing a completely gutted 66 chevelle i was gonna start withthe head liner and work my way down is that a good way to go ?
i got the insluation for the roof but its shape's arent exact matches does this stuff just get glued in place or does it get tucked in ...
next the bows for the headliner to slip in to how do i get them out they are in place now is there any trick to this ive been messing with them but dont wanna bedn them or do any thing stupid and mess them um unless there is no exact way to get um out
but once ive got the headliner sliped threw the bows where does the rest of the headliner go it all gets tucked in and stay in plcae with them molding and hows the dome light work do i cut a small hole in the material for the wire to go threw and how does it stay up is there some kind of bracket i might be missing its kinda hard since there was nuthign in it at all when i bought it and cant look back and remember how i took it apart.
and how do you go about doing the sail panals
i got an idea how every thing goes but as for the sail plnals im kinda lost

sorry for the long post but i hope you guys can help
i dont want to pay 300 bucks for my local auto place to do the headliner
i know i can do it i just need some hints and help
thanks guys .
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