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Headliner hell 5 bows or 6?

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I am replacing the head liner on my 68, when I removed the original I saw 5 bows in place. There are holes for a 6th but its not there.I am sure its the original headliner so with that I ordered the 5 bow type but the bow positions don't match. Do I need to get the 6 bow liner and not use the missing bow? Has anyone seen this before? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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Dont know about the bows but i have a good tip for headliners. Use contact cement for the lipped areas. You can get it at any hardware store. Its a bit messy but it really holds well while your trying to get all the wrinkles out.
I tried headliner glue from YEAR ONE but it was useless and didnt stick very good.

Good luck
It may be best to contact the place you bought the headliner from and ask them.
Maybe they could measure the other one for you.

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