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I am in the process of picking a replacement header for my 67 Chevelle. Car is a 396 and I currently have 2" primary x 3.5" collector Hooker Comeptetions. I want to drop back to 1.75" primaries and a 3" collector to build more bottom end torque.. I am down to 2 choices. Flowtechs or Hedman's. Called Jet Hot and they recommend the Flowtech as they seem to think they are a better fit than the Hedmans. Anyone have any real world experiences with these two headers?
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I like Hedmans and Dynomax, my 2" Hedmans fit great, zero dinging, had to ding the smaller Dynomax and was tough getting the oil filter out. Maybe Jet Hot makes more on the Flowtechs????????
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