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Header Install Tips?

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I just bit the bullet and ordered up a set of Hedman Elite Ceramic Coated Headers. :hurray:

I'll be installing them on my 1970 SS 396...any tips on how to make the install go as smoothly as possible?

The car has A.C. and power steering. I'll be hooking them up to a stock Gardner Exhaust system.

I have a that will make it a bit easier. Should I go ahead and remove the plugs after I take out the stock manifolds? Will the steering shaft have to be removed?

Any help would be appreciated! :yes:

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Nick,read this..

FWIW,you might not want to cut up that Gardner system to install the headers...IMHO and experience you might be better off either shelving it or selling it...selling it will certainly pay for a either a Flowmaster,Summit,Pypes or Jegs kit and have money left over :)
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