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Head Light Relay

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To make my headlights brighter, (on my 68 Camaro) I've added a homemade relay kit with parts I ordered from the internet. After installation the headlights are brighter, but keep flickering and shutting off while driving. They work in the garage with no apparent issues. These are 4 pin relays that come from China. I've tried several other relays of the same brand and found the same problem. After bypassing the relays I found the lights worked normally while driving. I'm wondering if there's a certain type or size of relay that I should be using.

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I have not had that problem with a relay before, nor have I seen that brand before. 30 amp relay of that type is perfect. Go to your local auto parts store and try a different brand. When you bypassed the relay, did you jumper the contacts or jumper the head light switch to the head lights? Maybe the problem is your new power source. Does it go thru a fuse or other device?
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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