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hazard lights/signal lights schematic?

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does anyone have a schematic for the hazard lights/signal light setup? the switch is crushed on my column, and i would like to put the chevelle on the road, and the only thing keeping me from doing so is the hazard lights not functioning. i would like to circumvent the damaged switch with another temporary switch, so i can get my vehicle inspected and work on my steering column repairs when I have the time to tear it all apart. any help would be GREATLY appreciated... Thanx!
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A schematic really won't do it for you. However here's the information. The brown wire is the input from the the hazard flasher. Blues, yellow and green are the output wires. If you use a common single throw, single pole switch, you end up with a problem. It will work ok for the flashers. Tying blues, yellow, and green together for the flashers will screw up the brake lights and turn signals. The flasher switch gives these wires power without tying them together. If you cut into the harness connector, tap into the blues, yellow, and green, you need a 4-pole toggle switch to bypass the hazard switch. The front and rear, right and left lamps need to be separated when the add-on hazard switch is off. Hope this helps.
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