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Has any one bought from Desert Dog Auto Partsin AZ

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Am about to order a fender from them. Any thoughts would be great.
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On a more positive note.

I sent my bumper to them to get rechromed. I spoke to Bob and asked about the quality that I could expect. He said it will be very good but probably not show winning, he also stated that he would replace it if the chrome didn't hold up for three years. His price was good so I sent him the bumper. 2 weeks later the bumper came back, it was perfectly straight and looked great, I mean really very good! The next day I noticed a small area that had chipped, it was so small that I was tempted to keep it. I called Bob about it and he said send it back. The replacement came and again it looked very good (it makes me wonder what show winning quality must be). No additional charges.

In short I would deal with him again. He was honest and held up his end of the bargain.

It is funny however that a Chicago outfit would call itself Desert Dog.

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