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Hey Gents,

BLUF: Installed a Harley evap canister

So I got tired of my garage smelling like gas so I decided to do something about it. I installed a charcoal evap canister. Here’s a break down of what I did. Hopefully can help someone out in the future.

When I went on summit to look for a suitable piece, a charcoal evap canister was 70 bucks. No thanks. So this is what I did.

1. Went on eBay and got a brand new in box Harley evap canister from a sportster shipped to me for 21 dollars.

2. Bought a Moroso 3” catch can bracket off amazon for about 10 dollars.

3. Bought a small clamp on K&N filter 3/8-1/2 inch tube on amazon for about 10 dollars.

Here’s how I did it:
-Installed the breather on the open side of the canister and bolted it to the inner fender.

-Then ran a 5/16 rubber line from the tank breather to the preexisting hardline already in the frame that I used to use for fuel. (I planned to use this one day for a return line, that’s why I left it there. I knew it didn’t leak and I cleaned it out with carb cleaner and compressed air before using it.)

-Used a reducer to go from hardline to vacuum line to the “TANK” port on the cannister.

-From the “CARB” port on the canister, I ran vacuum line to a tee fitting that I installed in the hose in between my PCV and oil catch can. (To manifold after catch can).

* Using a non vented gas cap *

And that’s pretty much it. All said and done I probably spent somewhere around 45 bucks for the canister, bracket, filter, fittings and hose and the garage doesn’t smell like gas anymore. Have yet to start it since the car is on stands getting some suspension parts and brakes.

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I've been using GM parts on old HD's for years, bearings, elec. parts mostly so why not the other way around, looks great and fully functional (y) :)
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