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  • Hard To Put In A 350?


    TN: I recently inherited a '65 Malibu. It has a straight 6 with a Powerglide. It has bucket seats and a floor shifter. It has the SS symbols on the dash, rear quarter panels, and on the hub caps. Is this correct to have a straight 6 Super Sport? This car is a project car (body in good shape, rust wise). I am interested in putting in a 350 with a TH350. Will it fit? Is it just a case of changing motor mounts or am I going to have to have some custom workdone? How hard is this engine/transmission changeover?

    BS: Do it. I have a '65 in which I installed a 350cid mated to a TH350; it works great. You use the 327cid motor mounts and the short TH350. You can get a kit for the TH350 shift linkage changeover, available most everywhere. You'll probably need some brackets for the alternator and the power steering coming from the inline 6. I swapped from a 283ci motor and things were super easy.

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