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Hack job on a 65

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The previous owner of my 65 El Camino decided to get rid of the bulk heads connectors right behind the fuse box. There should be two connectors but right now all of the wires are all soldered together. Is there a way I could just buy the bulk head connectors or do I have buy all new wire harnesses.
I was thinking of making a waterproof terminal block assembly just to clean up the wiring at the fire wall or just leave it alone since everything does work except the license plate lights.

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I took a closer look of the wiring, It seems that both the front and engine bulk heads are missing along with the two connectors that mounts on the firewall.

Is the bulk head same for gauges and idiot lights? If so, I could probably repair the damage cause by the previous owner by just using the bulk head connectors. Also, I don't realy need the idiot lights because either I will convert to SS gauges or install some after market gauges.

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