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Guide Me, PLEASE!!!

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Ok, well, i had to make a decision on where to go with my 71 chevelle daily driver. It was either: finish the 454 i'm building and get the required suspension parts to accomodate it (just the srpings) or get the suspension done and wait even longer for the parts to complete the 454. Well, i decided to go the safe route and think ahead by focusing on the suspension first. Mine is just the basic chevelle suspension, no boxed rear, no rear sway, etc... It is my daily driver so i'd like a nice feeling suspension that won't scare me in the turns and won't break loose everytime it rains. Plus, i don't like when i take turns and the passnger slides across the bench seat into my lap! Oh, and keeping the fact that a 454 is going in it, i'm gunna get the parts i need for that and deal with the hard suspension while the 307 is still in.
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rianbechtold said:
Plus, i don't like when i take turns and the passnger slides across the bench seat into my lap!
Clearly, you are not hauling around enough attractive females ;) That would solve that problem :D

Poly bushings are good, use them :)
A stock rebuild with a 2" lowering spring and a 1-1/8" 2nd gen F-body sway-bar will make it feel pretty good. Buy the best shocks you can afford.

Poly bushings are bad - DON'T use them, especially in the upper arms.
Which edelbrock arms are you looking at? They make a really good adjustable upper with a spherical bearing. The rest are bad, and increase bind. Unless they are the adjustables with spherical, use your STOCK upper arms with RUBBER bushings at both ends.

Stock boxed lowers with an F-41 bar and stock type springs will work fine. Poly bushings here will also increase bind, but not as bad as the uppers.
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